Client: Woodwork Career Alliance of North America
Title: Summer Pathways
Abstract: Rich Christianson writes industry profiles and news for the WCA's quarterly eNewsletter. This edition of Pathways includes articles on the SkillsUSA cabinetmaking competition and an interview with veteran architectural woodworker Kent Gilchrist on workforce development for the woodworking industry. Read Summer Pathways.


Client: Williams & Hussey Machine Company
Title: Restoring a Piece of History
Abstract: One of the most storied examples of a P.J. Currier-Williams & Hussey collaboration involved replicating a pair of multi-profile pilaster bases for the grand portico of the historic Bedford Presbyterian Church in Bedford, NH. Read the story.


Client: Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America
Title: Washington Report - Ready or Not, Changing of the Guard
Abstract: From July 2015 to August 2017, Rich Christianson served as Legislative Liaison for the WMMA's Public Policy Committee. In addition to monitoring key public policy issues, Rich served as editor of the monthly Washington Report. This issue includes a preview of the 2016 presidential election when Hilary Clinton was still expected to become the nation's first woman president. Read the newsletter.


Client: Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America
Title:OSHA Cracks Down on Amputation HazardsAbstract:This edition of the WMMA's monthly Washington Report featured an update on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's new standard aimed at curbing workplace amputation incidents. Read the issue.


Client: TigerStop
Title: Accurately Reading a Tape Measure
Abstract: In the hands of a skilled craftsman, a properly calibrated tape measure will help yield the 1/64th inch (0.015 inch) tolerances desired to produce high-quality cabinetry. The parts will be square, the joints will be snug, and the reveals will provide clearance for doors and drawers to open and close without an excessive, unsightly gap. But what good is it to measure twice if the tape measure’s user doesn’t know how to get a correct reading? What if two colleagues collaborating on a project take different measurements? And what if the tape measure itself is old, bent, and out of whack? Read the story.

Note: As of mid-September 2018, this article continue to hold the title of "Most Popular" blog on TigerStop's website. 


Client: Safety Speed Manufacturing
Title: Catch Safety Speed Live!
Abstract: Rich Christianson wrote a blog series for Safety Speed Manufacturing of Ham Lake, MN. This post highlighted SSM's busy trade show schedule. Read the blog.